pdanford Software Engineering llc

Providing software engineering services on purchase order and contract basis - specializing in simulation, scientific, and server side development.

**Currently available for hire**

Contact Peter Danford, US Citizen, B. Sc. Computer Science (’07 UIUC):

Languages, Libraries, and Tech

Selected project examples for various clients:


Content distribution network for businesses that share messages and video streams with high capacity, responsiveness, and reliability while pushing terabytes through systems world-wide.

  • distributed systems and cluster architecture/implementation (1000+ server environment)
  • Backend server development in C++
    • finding and obscure runtime faults
      • analyzing core dumps with gdb to investigate and resolve bugs
    • code bottleneck id and resolution, e.g.:
      • replacing O(n^2) algorithms with O(n) or O(1) versions
      • optimizing system call utilizations: modifying sprintf() usage getting about a 115% speed increase on release builds
      • ring Buffer optimizations (linear buffer replacements)
  • TCP/IP programming, e.g.:
    • creation of high performance server side software for handling many connections
    • conversion of select based socket handling to libevent
    • TCP stream processing

Provider of software tools for quality assurance of radiation oncology linear accelerators.

  • Doselab
    • analysis of Python and CUDA GPU utilization for to identify bottlenecks
    • algorithm optimizations (e.g. converting to use Streaming SIMD Extensions)
Systems Technology

A research company proving research and development services as well as SBIRs.

  • Worked with PhD researchers and their papers to translate concepts into working applications
  • Served as a Software Engineer specializing in modeling and real-time simulations on proposed systems
  • Optical 6DoF tracking of via marker patterns
    • object tracking system consisting of 6 degrees of freedom position and orientation determination of a pattern constellation as presented by a single camera video stream
  • Edge-of-envelope automated landing of rotary wing multi-axis vehicles based on real-time control predictions and optimizations
  • Augmented reality live video stream processing implemented in CUDA
    • image area identification and replacement
    • motion event sensing
    • chromakey detection and replacement
  • Fused Reality project: real-time video stream modification using custom parallel GPU algorithms (implemented using CUDA) to present an operator wearing a HUD with various augmented reality views. Examples in this category include development for NASA to be used by pilots while in-flight.
  • Received commendation for Fused Reality project

From clients under NDAs.

  • custom large-scale backend chat app messaging support
  • embedded special purpose web server in production processes
    • implemented in C++ using libevent
    • supporting both SSL and multiple host domains
  • SQL queries from within C++ server processes
  • C++ <–> Chrome JavaScript hooks for interfacing browser JS to C++
    • using the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) and Qt web
  • spam/flood filtering from large scale chat messages
    • C++ for backend
    • JavaScript and html for front end rules administration
  • obs studio plugin development
  • miscellaneous DevOps scripting (Python 3)
  • ReactJS proof of concepts